MD General Medicine Admission

MD General Medicine course.General physicians are health professionals who operate on patients to repair injuries, correct deformities, prevent diseases, and generally improve the health of patients.
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MD General Medicine Admission 

MD Medicine

MD medicine is all about theoretical and practical knowledge of medicines. Students get to learn about the advancement of technology and diagnosing and treating diseases. Students learn about the diagnostic investigation procedures, monitoring, handling of medical equipment and counselling of patients.

This helps students to know about the common medical illness and treat them. You get to know about the advance technologies in medicine and rare diseases. The curriculum includes the management of medical emergencies and research works. You get to know how to teach medicine to the undergraduate students. You can perform early disposal and prompt diagnosis. Students research and publish their research work.

Eligibility for MD in general medicine

  • You need to pass MBBS from an institute recognised by NMC.
  • You must complete the 1 year of compulsory internship.
  • You must score 50% minimum in the undergraduate course. It is recommended that you bring at least 60% for admission in any decent college.
  • Now, there is the National level Entrance Test which is NEET. There are also state level entrance tests. You need to be eligible for either of them.

What is the admission process for MD in general medicine?

For the admission in any of the college of MD in general medicine you have to register yourself. You will have to fill the application form for MD in general medicine. Put all your information including name, address, contact and documents. Make sure that you upload all your documents and pay the application fee. If any of the things is incomplete, it may lead to the cancellation of the form.

What is the course curriculum After MD general medicine Admission?

Here are the things which are taught according to the course curriculum of MD in general medicine:

  • Recent advancement in medicine
  • Applied basic science knowledge
  • Diseases with reference to general medicine
  • Biostatistics and clinical epidemiology
  • Counselling of patients and society
  • Diagnostic  investigation and its procedures
  • Research ability and publication
  • Decision making skill
  • Monitoring of ill patients
  • Teaching the undergraduate students
  • Patient management and looking after ward
  • Presentation of short and long topic
  • Presentation of cases, ward rounds and discussions
  • Conferences about radiology and pathology
  • Conferences on journal
  • Case presentation on topics
  • Review of researches
  • Guest lectures and in-house discussions
  • Seminars, lectures and CMEs
  • Updates of workshops and participation in conferences
  • Skill of teaching
  • Use of biomedical equipment and use of them
  • Teaching of upgrading of technical skill

What jobs can a MD in general medicine can do?

  • Those who complete MD in general medicine can become physiologists. They treat the chronic diseases and physiological clutters. They can work in social insurance offices. They look at the organs of the human body and treat accordingly. They analyse the respiratory, cardiovascular and anxious framework of the human body.
  • A gynaecologist is the one who looks after the pregnant woman needs before and after the child birth. They analyse the contamination and diseases and treat irregularities which are hormonal. They give pre-birth care to the women and even after the labour. They perform several tests on the women throughout her pregnancy tenure.
  • An MD in medicine can also become a bacteriologist. He is the one who investigates about the microorganisms and their impact on humans and other creations. They research about it mainly in private, pharmaceutical and government organisations. They observe and research on verities of negligible creatures. They observe their existence in different parts of the body of a human being.

What are the other career prospects after completion of MD in medicine?

  • You can choose to do post-doctoral studies such as M.PHIL and PHD in medicine. This is especially when you are interested in teaching in college as a professor. A professor has a higher rank than that of a lecturer.
  • You can get employment in both, government and private sectors. You can be employed in medical colleges, railways, biomedical companies etc. You can even work in the companies which manufactures medicine. They can go for military services.
  • The other options are also there. People with MD in medicine can become medical officers. Lots of them go for product manager, bacteriologist, board specialist, general medicine consultant and medical house officer. 

Hence, there is a lot of scope after the completion of MD in medicine. In fact, you can earn a good salary if you work enthusiastically in this field.

About few of the colleges for MD in medicine

  • All India Institute of Medical Science is best for all. But then, you will have to work hard enough to get admission into that. 
  • Kasturba Medical College is also one of the known colleges for study of medicine. Decent number of students takes admission in this college every year. 
  • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science comes among the best. It is the best known college for medicine along with good infrastructure and supportive faculty.

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