MS ENT Admission

Hearing and balance, swallowing and speech, breathing and sleep issues, allergies and sinuses, head and neck cancer, skin disorders, even facial plastic surgery are just some of the conditions that “ENT” (ear, nose, and throat) specialists treat
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MS ENT Admission


MS ENT is a 3 years postgraduate degree program. Various surgical procedures are taught in MS ENT. The students of ENT get to know about the surgery of the ear, nose, and throat. The study of MS ENT includes some of the subjects like plastic surgery, anesthesia, general medicine ward, etc.

It is also one of the reputed postgraduate studies which offer you great opportunities in the future. You can study in several reputed hospitals and clinics. You can even. A large number of postgraduate aspirants choose ENT as their specialization. They know about the career growth in this subject and what scope is there for them further.

Some extra knowledge about MS ENT

  • In MS ENT, students learn a lot about the major problems with surgical procedures. The knowledge they gain is sufficient with the theoretical studies. Otolaryngology is an important part of the study.
  • In the study of ENT, students focus on practical and theoretical knowledge equally. For the study of surgery, practical knowledge is a must.
  • Students enjoy the privilege to visit the ICU areas and operational theatre. This is for the surgical procedure for ENT.
  • In the study of post-graduation in ENT, fundamental learning is given more emphasis. All the undergraduate courses are studied in depth with extension.
  • Otolaryngology is also related to ENT in many colleges in the country.
  • Adequate theoretical sessions and OT learning sessions are also taken for the students. It is part of the course structure.

Why should you study MS ENT?

There are lots of advantages of studying MS ENT. These are as follows:

  • You can have deep knowledge in the field of ENT. You are prominently at the core of this study which will enhance your learning in ENT.
  • Students know how to address and relate to the concern with regards to ENT.  They know how to develop research-based-thesis.
  • The students practice different surgical methods. They perform proper investigative procedures for various ailments related to ENT.
  • The study of masters is in itself a privilege. A student who has done postgraduate in ENT has an increase in the value of his education. In short, you get an extra degree with a higher level. An MS degree holder gets more job opportunities than a bachelor’s.
  • The pay scale is larger and the MS ENTs earn a lot later.
  • The candidate along with the vast practical knowledge specializes in the study of ENT. It is more of a bonus in for knowledge.

What is the eligibility for admission in MS ENT?

Though the criteria vary from college to college, let’s talk about the common eligibility. 

  • You need a minimum 50% score in MBBS. You must complete your MBBS from an NMC recognized institution. 
  • You must experience at least 2 years of practical training before you apply for MS ENT.
  • Apart from NEET, you can also appear for other national-level exams. These exams are NIMHANS, JIPMER, etc. With this, you may get to know about your capability and level of grasping.
  • For the reserved category candidates, there is a relaxation of 5%.

After you know that you are eligible, you can simply register your name. You will have to put all your details in the application form. Upload all your documents and after that submit the form with the application fee.

What documents are required for MS ENT Admission?

  • 10th class mark sheet
  • 10th class pass certificate
  • 12th class mark sheet
  • 12th class pass certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Proof of date of birth
  • MBBS marks certificate and degree
  • Completion of internship certificate
  • Another course certificate after MBBS (If applicable)
  • Registration certificate issued by State Medical Council or National Medical Council.
  • A copy of the application form
  • Stamp sized photos (at least 3)
  • Scanned copies of all the necessary documents.

Do you wonder want kinds of subjects are there in MS ENT?

Let’s see a few of the subjects here in MS ENT:

  • General medicine ward
  • General surgical method
  • ENT surgical method and upper aerodigestive tract endoscopy
  • Operation theatre session
  • Radiology and radiotherapy
  • Internship and practical training
  • Research work presentation
  • Thesis presentation
  • Plastic surgery of ear, nose, and throat
  • Basic audiology and neurology
  • Maxillary surgery

What jobs can you do after MS ENT?

MS ENT gives you a lot of job opportunities.

  • You can become a chief surgeon
  • You can assist in research work
  • ENT assistant
  • You can also be an Otolaryngologist
  • Senior data analyst is also a reputed job for anyone
  • You can go for senior OPT
  • A general ENT consultant also earns a good amount. 
  • You can research, develop, publish and become a medical scientist
  • ENT specialist is common and has good scope as lots of patients visit an ENT specialist.

What are a few good colleges for MS ENT?

  • Aarupadai Veedu Medical College and Hospital, Pondicherry
  • Andhra Medical College, Andhra Pradesh 
  • CU Shah Medical College, Gujarat
  • Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Science, Maharashtra
  • Deccan College of Medical Science, Telangana
  • Himalayan Institute of Medical Science, Uttarakhand

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