MS General Surgery Admission

MS General Surgery. Surgery is any procedure that alters body tissues to diagnose or treat a medical condition. A general surgeon is part of a surgical team that also includes an anesthesiologist, nurses, and surgical technicians.
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MS General Surgery Admission

MS Surgery

MS surgery is a postgraduate study where aspirants a taught surgery in an elaborative manner. The students gain good knowledge and skill in surgical training. In the area of specialisation of surgery, you are provided with all the required information in the master course. The course makes you learn about common diseases and how to treat them with surgery if necessary.

What are the advantages of studying Masters in surgery?

  • In any postgraduate study, a student acquires good knowledge and skill in the subject of specialisation. Likewise, in the master of surgery, you get to know about surgery from the core of the subject.
  • It is one of the dignified master degrees being one among the toughest education in masters. You get extra attention in society because everyone knows it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • A surgeon is taught different verities of surgeries on a larger scale. For this, you will have to opt for a master degree in surgery. The study of surgery at the master level is vast and thorough. 
  • You get a job very easily as the level of qualification you achieve is much higher than the bachelor degree. You have an option to choose in between rural and urban areas.

What is the eligibility for a Master of surgery?

The National Board of examination conducts the NEET-PG examination for specialisation in various subjects. Masters in Surgery is one of those specialisations. Some colleges have their own entrance test and procedure for admission to the master of surgery. It is according to the parliament act. Now, the criteria which you have to fulfil are:

  • You must pass from an MBBS institute that has been recognised by the National Medical Council (NMC). You should be having the pass certificate of MBBS or provisional MBBS degree.
  • You should be having the registration certificate. National Medical Council or State Medical Council should issue the certificate to you.
  • One year of mandatory internship is necessary after MBBS. This gives makes you eligible to apply for Masters.

Although some institutes conduct their own PG examination, the criteria remain the same. 

What is the admission process for a Master in General Surgery?

The admission is done in accordance with the NEET-PG examination. More than 1 lakh candidates apply for NEET PG. more than 200 colleges are there in India which offers PG courses. The number of seats all around the nation for masters in surgery is 10826. 

The National Board of Examination conducts NEET PG. For this, you must go for online registration. You must put your name, e-mail, contact and photo in the application form. With all of these, you have to upload all the necessary documents in the application form. Make sure every detail is filled in the form. Now, you go for the submission of the form and pay for it with your credit/credit card.

50% of the seats are filled according to All Indian Quota seats. There are state quota seats. Private and deemed colleges keep at least 15% for NRI or management quota. There are reserved seats for armed forces.

What is the course duration for a Master in Surgery?

The course duration for a master in surgery is 3 years. In these three years, students are taught everything related to surgery. From the basic to the highest level, a student learns the whole part of the study. They are made to thoroughly revise the theories and be skilful with practical knowledge.

What about learning and assessment when doing a master in surgery?

Students are given assessments on a regular basis as per the regulations of the National Medical Council. The process of learning is autonomous and self-directory. Students are recommended a modular approach towards any speciality according to the curriculum. The same is in the case of Master in Surgery. Active participation is needed in the students to acknowledge and reach the problems of society. They wander around the rural and urban areas for the research of the study. This is how they learn a lot about various problems and how to deal with them according to their strategy.

Let’s talk about the curriculum of Master in Surgery

  • Theoretical knowledge is the first and foremost part of the course curriculum. Students learn theory in academics to learn the definitions and other major things.
  • Students are made to learn the thesis. This is because one must know how to correlate and find the solutions to the problems. This is a deep method of academics that can further help in research and publications.
  • Conversational skill is important to be it any field. One must know how to communicate with the patients.
  • Students get to have practical knowledge about the subjects of surgery.
  • Training in research is also a compulsory part.

Few good colleges for Master in Surgery

  • Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • King George’s Medical University, Lucknow
  • Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore
  • Dr DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune

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